Evolve Knowledge Through an International Taxonomy of Languages


Translation Services

Translation services create an international environment in which readers from any nation may access knowledge for educational and informational purposes.

Content Curation

Curating content for Wikipedia in multiple languages allows readers to become acquainted with terms and concepts through language acquisition.

Media Management

Ensuring Wikipedia articles contain multimedia elements such as audio, video and images in all language versions for maximum readability is one key objective in media management.

Interlinking Content

When linking Wikipedia pages across languages to facilitate smooth navigation for multilingual audiences.


Increased engagement

By including multiple language versions within Wikipedia taxonomies, readers from diverse linguistic backgrounds are more likely to access and engage with its content

Improved Findability

By developing taxonomies across languages, users will find their desired information more quickly - thus increasing chances of being found and accessible to a broader audience

Increased surface area

Utilizing multiple languages within one taxonomy increases content upload capacity and expands topic areas further.

Maintaining knowledge

By including multiple languages within a taxonomy, content becomes more readily accessible to readers who don't speak or understand its language

Break Language Barrier

By developing multiple languages within one taxonomy, language barriers are overcome and understanding among cultures and countries is strengthened.

Why Our Solutions

1.Create a Centralized Taxonomy: A centralized taxonomy should be created that identifies and classifies all pages in all languages. This should use the same category structure across the board, allowing editors in any language to easily find and edit existing pages.

2.Create a Comprehensive Schema: Develop a comprehensive schema that includes elements such as language labels, topics, and items. This should be designed in a way that allows for simpler navigation and integration into existing editors’ tools.

3.The taxonomy should be easy to access and use. This includes providing an interface that allows editors to easily manage the taxonomy across multiple languages.Editors should be able to create, edit and delete entries related to Workday tenant access, and should be able to easily search for relevant entries within the taxonomy.

4.Encourage collaboration between editors of different languages by providing resources that allow them to work together to develop and maintain the taxonomy. This could include providing forums, translation tools, and other collaborative resources.

5.Ensure Lexical Consistency: To improve lexical consistency across languages, editors should use the same terms for topics and items. This will ensure that editors in any language find the same information when searching for a given topic.

6.Automated tools should be used to help keep the taxonomy up-to-date. This tools will help improve consistency across multiple languages and reduce the amount of manual effort required to maintain the taxonomy.

Todd Buzbee
Todd Buzbee
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Itis an incredibly useful tool for making complex information easily navigable. Its language-based search feature is especially impressive and one of the most comprehensive in the field of language resources. It allows you to quickly and accurately locate content related to specific languages no matter how diverse the linguistic landscape.
Lori Hansen
Lori Hansen
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It is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly language resource tools available. Its search engine is an especially valuable and helpful feature that makes it easy to find a specific language’s content, no matter how complex the landscape might be.
James Crane
James Crane
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Itis simply outstanding and outstanding. Their search engine is incredibly sophisticated and incredibly efficient, allowing me to quickly and accurately locate information related to any language in the world. The categorization system is helpful to navigate through large amounts of multilingual data.
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